Book Design

From cover design to interior formatting, we can help you publish a professional looking book or album cover.

Cover Samples

Stories Behind the Stories

Cover Design: Mother and Daughter Yoga

Author Rochelle Katzman had a whimsical idea for writing a series of short fairy tales that incorporated yoga poses as part of the story. Each story is a full yoga routine. The fairy tales appeal to young girls so mothers and daughter can do a yoga routine together....

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Music Covers

Brian, an independent musical artist, asked me to design some covers for a few of his singles. We photographed him and his girlfriend, Melodie, for the cover designs. With a blend of vector images, stock photos, and special effects, the different songs came to life.

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Cover Design: Audition Tips

Blake Conley wrote a book on singing auditions from the perspective of the accompanist. We designed the cover. It is available on Amazon. Here is the full cover.

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Cover Design: If God Had A Fridge

Glyn Norman wanted formatting and cover design for his book, “If God Had a Fridge, Your Picture Would Be On It.” We went with a retro fridge design. I added pictures of his family and friends to the cover. For the inside, I designed chapter start images of the fridge...

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